About Us

The South Bay Business Environmental Coalition (SBBEC) is a 501c(6) organization committed to providing a forum where representatives from the public and private sectors collaborate on environmental issues and regulations impacting businesses, communities, and educational institutions in Southern California and have combined their expertise in a cooperative relationship to improve our environment.

Our Mission

The SBBEC's mission is to enhance and cultivate environmental programs, ideas, and concepts through collaboration and networking between the local agencies, businesses, and individuals that make up the Los Angeles region.
Our Purpose

The SBBEC's purpose is to assist in developing and sharing environmental programs, ideas, concepts, and issues that will lead to environmental sustainability in our communities

    • Expanding our pool of expertise to assist businesses in developing sustainable environmental programs;
    • Encouraging responsible environmental practices, policies, and standards;
    • Acting as a liaison between businesses, local government, and communities on environmental issues;
    • Recognizing and rewarding achievement in environmental sustainability through the SoCal Environmental Excellence Development (SEED) Awards Program; and 
    • Assisting businesses in developing credible environmental programs that promote cost savings, return on investment, and carbon footprint reductions.

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