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The SBBEC's local government members strive to encourage and inspire environmental sustainability strategies. This group of members, the Cities Subcommittee, developed the SoCal Environmental Excellence Development (SEED) Awards Program to honor local individuals, groups, and businesses that have exhibited excellence in helping to improve environmental sustainability and quality of life in the South Bay.

Awards are presented to those who have made extraordinary efforts in any of the following areas:

  • Environmental Leadership
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Education and Outreach
  • Resource Preservation
  • Innovation
  • Bridge-Builder Award

The 2014 SEED Award Application is in! Please CLICK HERE to view.

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This unique event is the only such ceremony held in the South Bay, partnering businesses with local government and showcasing environmental leaders in their communities. For more information about the Cities Subcommittee, email

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Manhattan Bread and Bagel, Manhattan Beach

As an example of a smaller retail establishment, Manhattan Bread and Bagel has taken many steps to ensure that resources are protected, conserved or recycled. To highlight a few accomplishments, a full energy audit was performed and produced a 60% lighting watt usage reduction, as well as a 22% gas usage reduction. They divert 800 lbs. of food waste per week from the landfills by turning it into “feed” for cows in Chino, CA. In an effort to reduce large truck traffic, they reduced their deliveries by 35% simply by consolidating vendors and deliveries. Through these efforts, Manhattan Bread and Bagel is well on their way to reducing their carbon footprint.


Athens Services, Redondo Beach

Serving a number of South Bay communities, Athens Services practices a willingness to adopt out-of-the-box problem solving. With a solid infrastructure for collecting and processing organic discards, Athens Services turned a tragic situation in Redondo Beach into an environmental solution when masses of dead sardines washed-up at the King Harbor Marina. When other waste haulers were apprehensive in handling the dead fish, Athens Services took a proactive stance and transported a total of 175 tons of dead fish to their composting facility. They closed-the-loop by returning premium quality compost to the City of Redondo Beach for a Compost Giveaway to all South Bay residents and businesses. In addition, Athens Services implemented the first residential curbside food waste collection program in the South Bay for the City of Redondo Beach. Athens Services has proactively made organics a priority.  


Trash For Teaching (T4T), Gardena

Trash For Teaching is a non-profit specializing in salvaging clean, safe and inspiring items that local businesses discard in abundance, and makes them available to educators. T4T supports hands-on learning through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) with development workshops and classroom collaborations using materials that otherwise would be thrown away and they show students and teachers how to use these items to bolster science and engineering skills. Trash for Teaching has taken this innovative learning to schools all over Southern California as well as weekly at their unique Gardena facility.  



 Bruder Toys, Hawthorne

A Bruder is a classic style toy made with a focus on quality and long-term durability. They are not made with screws or glue nor do they require batteries. A Bruder toy is most unique for its Spare Parts Service that ensures that every toy can be repaired rather than discarded into the waste stream. The Hawthorne facility is powered by solar panels that create over 5 megawatts of energy per year and they have gone virtually paperless in their offices.

Check out this edition of City News and their coverage of the 2013 SEED Awards, highlighting winner Bruder Toys. Click Here



Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes

Terranea Resort was meticulously designed with the utmost reverence to its native environment. It is committed to an educational campaign that focuses the attention of their guests on environmental issues. Three telescopes have been placed along the scenic bluffs to serve as “teachable moments” for their guests and the proceeds from the coin operation of the telescopes are donated to environmental organizations. Their state-of-the-art storm water management system is carefully managed with a strong sensitivity to the land making Terranea one of the most valued scuba diving locations in Southern California. Terranea Resort was developed with a strong commitment to the environment and desire to protect the ecological setting in which the resort is located; a commitment that continues today.

Bridge-Builder Award

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), Los Angeles

LAWA prides itself in being a good neighbor through education and outreach programs related to environmental issues. The Gateways Internship Program targets high school and college students for a career path in the aviation industry. The El Segundo Blue Butterfly tours involve educating on the life cycle, habitat, and predators of the Blue Butterfly at the LAX El Segundo Dunes Restoration Project; and the Public and Student Airport Tours showcase the accomplishments in sustainability that LAWA has achieved. LAWA has an active outreach program with approximately 6,000 people per year attending these tours and learning about their commitment to protecting the environment.

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