SBBEC Visits the Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair

Board Members Scott Martin and Stephanie Harris at the Science Fair

For the third year in a row, the SBBEC was delighted to be able to present two awards for Innovation in Sustainability at the 66th Annual Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair. With nearly 900 students participating this year, the fair provides an opportunity for all middle and high school students enrolled in L.A. County public and private schools to demonstrate their research, investigative skills, and creativity.

As always, the fair was an enlightening experience for us as guest judges. The scope and breadth of the research was impressive. We were pleased to be able to give out two special awards:

  • At the junior level, the award winner was Chloe Brandon, a 7th grader in the Engineering Research category.  Her project focused on improving the effectiveness of wind turbines by applying research from the fluid dynamics of humpback whales.
  • At the senior level, the award went to Annie Benedict, an 11th grader in the Engineering Applications category, whose project focused on the development of a household powered desalination device.  

As in previous years, it was challenging to pick two winners from the hundreds of fascinating projects. We look forward to returning next year! 

For more information about the SBBEC's support of the Science Fair, email Stephanie Harris at
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