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      Name     Environmental Interests
Ms. Vanessa Catullo  water/plastic pollution/energy/solar
Mr. Christopher Engler  Green Real Estate
Jeff Ginsburg  Solar, Electric Vehicles, ZEV, Hydrogen Infrastructure, Carbon Neutral
Manager Janine Hamner  Recycling, Civic Engagement, Green Renewable Energy, and Climate Change
Leah Hanes  sustainable re-use, science education
Stephanie Harris  Sustainable landscaping, Water conservation
Mr. Christian Hernandez  
Mary Hewitt  Water and Renewable Energy
Grace Huizar  Waste Reduction, Recycling & Water Conservation
Sona Kalapura Coffee, Environmental Programs Manager  Climate Change, Civic Engagement, Energy Efficiency, Marine Health, Renewable Energy, and Sustainable Landscaping
Christina Kull Martens  Energy, Greenhouse Gas, Green Employee Teams, Corporate Sustainability
Mr. Lyonel Martens, CPA, MBA  Waste Reduction, Sustainable Companies & Products
Lisa Mazur-White  Renewable Energy
Mary McKenrick  Waste reduction and sustainability
Michelle Nicholls  Waste Reduction, Recycling, Composting, Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Marine Preservation
Mr. Chuck Peavey  Business, Sales, Marketing, Plastic in the ocean, environment, Being green in business
Lisa Ryder Moore  Green Business practices, Composting, recycling and waste reduction and how it affects Climate Change
Dr. DArtagnan Scorza  
Environmental Coordinator Catherine Vargas  
Ron Wildermuth  water efficiency, recycled water, ocean-water desalination
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